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Make it Yours Conveyancing pride ourselves on being able to give fast, efficient and professional conveyancing services anywhere in Melbourne, Victoria.

Why should I use a conveyancer?

Exceptional Conveyancing Melbourne

Buying or selling property is one of the biggest financial transactions of your life. !

A Licensed Conveyancer has an in-depth knowledge of the law concerning property transactions and is both qualified and experienced in this area.

To qualify as a conveyancer, you need to successfully complete a course in property law and conveyancing practice with a Registered Training Authority (RTO).

Sharlene Nix, Our Principal Conveyancer has completed her study qualifications at RMIT University.

A Licensed Conveyancer is required by law to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance. 

We are an active member of the AIC (Australian Institute of Conveyancers, Vic Division) which focuses on giving conveyancers access to the support, training and education they need to maintain the highest level of knowledge and expertise. 

Furthermore, the AIC Vic is the peak professional body representing conveyancers in Victoria.  By delivering industry-leading training, forging alliances and driving change for the better, AIC Vic empowers conveyancers to become the best they can be.

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Conveyancing Melbourne Made Easy

Our services include:

  • Section 32 Vendors Statement
  • Auction Contracts
  • Vacant Land
  • House
  • Unit/Flat/Apartment
  • Interest & Gift Transfers
  • Refinance/Morgage Discharge
  • Related Party Transfers
  • Electronic Transfer

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We strive to

Provide the highest levels of quality customer service and personalised conveyancing. With strong attention to detail and ensuring all parties are fully informed throughout the entire transaction. We are not "cheap conveyancing melbourne" and focus on offering real value for our clients at an affordable price.


What happens after settlement is completed ?

Immediately after settlement we will call our client/s to confirm, followed by an email to the client, real estate agent, broker and any other relevant parties to the transaction who has been involved throughout the process. We will forward an authority to the real estate agent which authorises the release of the balance of the deposit to the vendor and the keys may be handed to the purchaser.

Who holds the deposit ?

The deposit is held in the Real Estate Agent’s Trust Account until settlement. If there is no Real Estate Agent involved then it will be held in the vendor’s Conveyancer’s Trust Account.

Who notifies the authorities that I have purchased a property?

We will notify the local council, Water Authority, State Revenue office and Owners Corporation Manager (if applicable) of the change in ownership. However, the local council will often wait to update their records until they are notified by the Land and Property Information.

You will need to notify the electricity company, telephone line provider etc.

The easiest way to think about change of ownership is as follows; if you have a choice to choose your provider; you notify the change.

If there is no choice, e.g you cannot choose the council, we advise of the Change of Ownership

When do I get the deposit money ?

Usually the deposit money is released at or after settlement. Where the settlement proceeds are sufficient to discharge a mortgage or where there is no mortgage, a section 27 may be prepared which allows for an early release of the deposit, however the purchaser is under no obligation to sign the section 27.

What is a disbursement ?

A disbursement is one of the expenses incurred during the process of searching and obtaining a certificate/s from local government authorities or local councils etc.

Do I need to attend settlement ?

No, you are not required to attend settlement. We attend settlement on your behalf. 

Once settlement is complete, we will call you to confirm.

When can I collect the keys ?

After settlement we will notify the Agent by telephone and followed up with an email.

Once the Agent receives this notice they can then hand the keys over to the purchaser.

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